A FOODIE’S GUIDE TO MUSSOORIE : Eateries Everyone Must Try

Popularly known as the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie has always topped the list of the most visited hill stations in India. For some it’s a weekend getaway, while others enjoy their summer vacation here, either way the tourist city is loved by most of the country’s population.

The place offers diverse culinary experiences, blending the best of the Pahadi, British and Indian cooking styles and recipes. The serenity of the Himalayas, joined by the appeal of an old British colony, have been the propelling elements that drive various explorers from around the globe to Mussoorie. Let’s hog our way in to the city and see what all it has to offer to its visitors!


Pahado Vali Maggi is not food, it’s an emotion. There is something different about having a bowl of hot maggi sitting and gazing at the mountains, we just can’t find the same here in the cities. I believe maggi and mountains is like a match made in heaven, numerous Maggi points lined on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road won’t let you come back home without enjoying a perfect bowl with a scenic view.




Not as famous as lovely omelette, this chicken and egg soup stall is on the mall road of Mussoorie. There is one guy with two huge gallons of hot soup, and he serves it in those mud mugs, popularly known as kullhad. Damn, cold weather + hot chicken soup equals to perfect mountain trip. Isn’t it? This person is somewhere near Hotel Rcokwood, sometimes he stands right opposite to the hotel. You can easily spot him on the road. PS: You can thank us later!


Just as the name suggests, this small eatery in Mussoorie offers scrumptious omelettes and you just can’t miss to try them out. Ask anyone in the vicinity and they will direct you to the exact spot. Their speciality is cheese omelette, which comprises of onions, chillies, cheese and their secret ingredient that makes it famous nation-wide. Their omelettes are literally known as India’s best omelettes, don’t trust us? Go yourself and try them! Also, they take on-request orders for chocolate omelettes.


Take yourself back to the era of British Raj at this gorgeous and one of the oldest restaurants in the town. Famous for their food and classic interiors, this place has an elaborated menu to offer. In the evening, they mostly have live music sessions which are soul satisfying, and the food is delectable. Their pizzas, sizzlers and desserts are exquisite in taste. Definitely a must visit place for urban travellers, as it’s going to reminisce you of those rusty English pubs.