Jim Corbett: In the world of Wild

One of the most highlighted National Parks in India, Jim Corbett National Park offers a subtle blend of picturesque Nainital Hills and gorgeous Northern texture. Located at the foot of Himalayas, the national park is undoubtedly the best place to celebrate New Year 2019.
Hoping to spot a tiger? Then Jim Corbett is your place for New Year’s Celebration. The place now has second highest number of tigers in India, which is huge and also it means you will definitely spot a tiger in the woods. Diverse forest zones, luxury cottages, crazy safari rides into the wild, special tours and all kinds of contemporary amenities will make your visit all more fascinating.
Not just for animal lovers but Jim Corbett is definitely a must visit for all the bird watchers, as the National Park will leave you stunned with unique bird species. The place is an absolute retreat for wildlife wanderers, especially if you are a photographer yourself. Trust us, grab that camera and hop in the safari, and your work is half done, as you’ll witness the most beautiful sceneries on the way. Whether it’s a deer feeding it’s infant or a baby elephant cuddling its mother, you are about the get the most amazing pictures of your lifetime.
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Shoo away your maybe’s and plan your New Year’s Holiday now! You can always thank us later 😛