Experiencing adventure sports in Rishikesh is a trend and a treat at the same time. You might be an adventure seeker or not, but you can’t miss to try out the thrilling activities at the little riverside city. Popularly known as the Adventure Capital of India, Rishikesh is now one of the most visited touristy cities in India.

For adventure seekers, there are so many Rishikesh tour packages available online inclusive of adventure sports activities like paragliding, river rafting, flying fox and what not. Rishikesh tourism has taken a leap over the few years; people across the globe have started to visit the city to experience the calmness of nature, adventurous sports and witness the wildlife. There is a slew of adventure sports offered in the city of Ganges, be ready to experience the most adventurous trip of your lifetime.

Flying Fox

Fly high, just like a bird in the sky. Experience Asia’s longest flying fox experience here at Rishikesh. At a stretch of 1km, providing you with a scenic view and giving you a choice of doing it alone or with a partner makes this activity one of the demanded ones amongst the tourists. One can enjoy this sport within the price range of 1500-2000/- per person, depending upon your package.

River Rafting

River rafting is the main attraction of the city, people not just from the nation but worldwide come here to experience rafting in the holy river Ganges. With each passing day, Rishikesh is become more popular for its white water rafting. Starting from the lowest price of 1000/- you can enjoy a day full of adventure and sightseeing here at Rishikesh. You can easily find multiple river rafting packages online and select as per your requirement.

Powered Paragliding

Not just memories, take back home experience of paragliding at the adventure capital of India. Starting at the price of 4000/- this activity is an extraordinary experience of adventure. Glide in the open air, breathe in the breeze, enjoy the picturesque view of the Ganges flowing through the Great Himalayas in these 10 minutes flight. Taste freedom without any fear, experience the unknown and take back home loads of memories and some great experiences from the city of River Ganges.

Tethered Hot Air Ballooning

Enjoy the scenic view of Shivalik Valley with this ride of tethered Hot Air Balloon. Be ready to be in air at a height of about 100 to 200 ft above the ground for the next 10 to 12 minutes and enjoy the magnificent view from the top. If you are looking for the right time to propose, this might be it. Nothing could be more romantic or unexpected that a hot air balloon ride with a proposal full of love.

The Giant Swing

With the right weather, great view and spectacular environment, Rishikesh is an ideal place to perform The Giant Swing in India. It is a jump from the height of 83 m, which takes place from India’s first fixed platform, the highest bungee jumping site. The activity budget is approximately 3,000/- and you can pick your own time slots from 09:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 pm and 02:30 PM.

Cliff Jumping

Jumping off a cliff is merely a phrase that we often use in the city life, but what if one gets to experience jumping off a cliff into the river? That sounds fun! One of the famous and mostly performed adventure sports in Rishikesh is jumping of the cliff for tourists who visit Devbhoomi.

Rishikesh has a slew of destinations like natural peaks or valleys where one can accommodate this adventure sport. When in Rishikesh, one can only take part in an adventure sport according to their endurance level, else they might say a no to you and you won’t be allowed to experience such amazing activities. So, make sure you chose your heights and tasks accordingly.


Popularly known as canoeing in Rishikesh, Kayaking is a very famous water sport which allows the rider to navigate through water. In this sport, you get to choose the level of rapid the level of rapid according to your physical strength.

The sport demands a certain level of preparation along with a lot of physical strength and stamina to sustain in high rapids. Hence, rough rapids are not a no-no for all the first timers.

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