Yoga means the union of the mind, body, and spirit with the Divine and while this refers to a certain state of consciousness both individual and Universal, it is also a method to help one reach that goal. We teach a traditional, exact and easy-to-learn system that aims at naturally achieving the goal through creating a healthy body and mind that leads to spiritual evolvement.

Based on the teachings of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya Ji summarized the yoga philosophy in different principles, which make the complex teachings of yoga easier to understand

Yoga poses help develop a strong, healthy body by enhancing flexibility and improving circulation.

Deep conscious breathing reduces stress and many diseases.

Helps keeps the body from going into overload mode, easing worry and fatigue.

Eating simple, healthy and vegetarian foods that are easy to digest notably have a positive effect on the mind and body, as well as the environment and other living beings.

These are the true keys to achieving peace of mind and eliminating negativity in our lives.


Along with those points of Yoga, a look at the four paths of yoga completes the picture to give individuals a clear sense of direction for not only a healthier and stronger body but also a way of living that promotes peace and mindfulness to counteract day-to-day trials and tribulations. The Four Paths of Yoga all lead to the same place – union with the Divine – but help in getting there by giving options that fit different human temperaments and approaches to life. Which one fits you best?

  • Karma Yoga (also known as the yoga of action)
  • Bhakti Yoga (also known as the path of devotion)
  • Raja Yoga (also known as the Science of the mind)
  • Gyana Yoga (also known as the yoga of knowledge)

Having the roots in India, our program intended for all those people who have a great interest for physical appropriateness, mental health, intellectual development but are unable to find the way to explore it. it is always good for any yoga student to learn this sacred knowledge from its masters having a base in spirituality. India is the capital of spirituality and yogic philosophy. In short span of time, Our institute has gained a good reputation from the yoga enthusiasts all over the word. The institution is not only in the path yoga teacher training, but it also has the research wings that do active research in the ancient yoga philosophy. The rules and regulations enforced by the institution are according to the yogic lifestyle that helps any yoga student to imbibe the knowledge and practice the yogic culture easily. The goal of this training program is to produce qualified and inspiring yoga teachers who are able to draw on their own practice and personal discipline in imparting the yoga experience to others.

The intensive daily schedule includes two yoga practical classes, four lectures

What you will learn


A daily teaching practice class is devoted to teaching you how to teach asanas and pranayama. A daily asana practice class gives you the opportunity to practice your own asanas and will help to build the good habit of practice. The daily in-depth practice with individual corrections comprises:

  • Pragya Yoga
  • Sun salutation
  • Basic yoga postures
  • Asana variations, from intermediate level to advanced
  • Postural alignment
  • Deep relaxation with autosuggestion
  • Release of blocked energy
  • Training sessions for all age groups


  • Expands capacity of the lungs
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Balances the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Purifies the nadis(subtle energy channels)
  • Awakens the inner spiritual energy
  • Kapalabhati (lung cleansing exercise)
  • Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing)
  • Ujjayi, Surya Bheda, Bhastrika, Sitali, Sitkari, Bhramari
  • Samanu (mental cleansing of the nadis)
  • The three bandhas: Jalandhara, Moola, Uddiyana


  • Introduction to the major body systems
  • The effects of asanas and pranayama on:the cardiovascular system, respiration,
  • digestion, skeletal and muscular systems, endocrine system
  • The eight systems of the body
  • Yoga and physical culture
  • Diet and nutrition


Tratak, Neti, Kapalabhati, Dhauti, Nauli and Basti: six classical purification exercises for the eyes, nose, air passages, esophagus and stomach, abdominal organs and large intestine. Explanation and demonstration of the exercises and their effects. Individual instruction


  • Ethical and moral principles
  • Body – prana (life energy) – mind
  • From control over the body to control over the mind and meditation


  • Ashtanga – the 8 steps of yoga
  • Antahkarana – functions of the mind
  • Concentration and meditation


  • How to teach the 12 basic postures and breathing exercises to beginners and intermediate students
  • Setting up of a proper environment for class
  • General pointers on teaching a class
  • Beginners’ Course
  • Relaxation


  • Guide to meditation
  • What is meditation
  • Why meditate
  • Physical and mental meditation
  • Effects of and experiences in meditation
  • Mantras – spiritual energy in sound
  • Mantra initiation (if desired)


  • Vegetarianism – for ethical, spiritual and health reasons
  • How diet affects the mind
  • Proper balance of the main nutrients
  • Ayurvedic principles of nutrition
  • Healing effects of fasting


  • A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course.
  • A basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is helpful but not essential.
  • A sincere desire to learn and openness to the teachings of yoga is required.

Other recreational activities

  • Nature walk
  • Jungle meditation
  • Campfire
  • Rafting and many other adventure activity

Price List

# Day Price Destinations
1 03 days 200$ only Rishikesh, goa, Haridwar and dharmshala
2 05 days 350$ only Rishikesh, goa, Haridwar and dharmshala
3 07 days 500$ only Rishikesh, goa, Haridwar and dharmshala
4 10 days 600$ only Rishikesh, goa, Haridwar and dharmshala
5 15 days 700$ only Rishikesh, goa, Haridwar and dharmshala
6 200 hours yoga teachers training (yttc) 25 days 1400$ only Rishikesh and Haridwar
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